40 Years in the Making!

6th Jun 2022

40 Years in the Making!

Welcome to Love Skate Shop!

Dave (Bones) Bonillas have been skateboarding for more than 40 years. It all started back in the 1980's when his Dad, Leroy, saw that they were dismantling a full pipe at the local skatepark in Fresno, CA.  He asked what their plan was, and they said... if you can remove it, you can have it.  The next day, Leroy, a welder by trade, cut the full metal pipe in half and loaded it on to his trailer. He could not bring it back to his home just yet, and it had to sit out for the night.  Early the next morning he headed over to the park and two kids were riding the half pipe while on the trailer.  When they noticed Leroy, they started to bolt, but Leroy stopped them.  He let them know where the half pipe was going to and that they were welcome to come over and skate it.  Those two guys, ended up being life long friends with Bones... Rick Struhar & Daryl Connor.  

Over the years many skaters visited the Ashland Ramp, which it was later known as due to it being on Ashland Street.  Back in the 80's most skate parks had been removed like the one in Fresno.  Houses with pools or half pipes become popular destinations for skaters all over California. Bones got the honor to skate with 100s of skaters in his own backyard including Tony Hawk, Neil Blender, Steve Caballero, Chris Cook and many more. 

Dave (Bones) Bonillas have been skateboarding for more than 40 years. Love Skate Shop was born to inspire the youth to shred!

Love Skate Shop is a one stop shop for all of your skateboard needs. Buy in person or online. We have Completes, Build your own Boards, Apparel, Shoes. Love Skate Shop carries, Baker skateboards, Blood Wizard skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell Skateboards, The Monarch Project and many more!