Skateboard bushings enable trucks to turn, more importantly to be able to turn in a controlled manner. Bushings are the 2 little rubber (urethane) like washers that are on each truck. Bushings like most everything come in a variety of hardness and a few different shapes. Both of these attributes are riders choices, some like very loose trucks, some people like a tighter, firmer rider. Bushings come in a variety of durometers, the most popular hardness of bushings are hard, medium and soft. There are companies that offer many hardness for fine tuning your trucks. Most of the time, slalom or downhill racers will need to experiment with the different hardness to achieve a comfortable ride. The popular companies that make bushings are Bones Bushings, Independent Bushings, Shortys Bushings and Venom Bushings, again offering the 3 standard hardness and a few different hardnesses. The bushings that come with your new trucks will work for you in the beginning, but with time, the rider will choose what hardness makes them feel comfortable. 

Love Skate Shop is a core skate shop that is skater owned and operated in Chico, CA. It was started by Dave Bonillas.  Dave Bonillas owned and operated Planet X skateboards back in the 90's and has been skating since he was 11.  Give us a call if you have any questions or just want to talk about Skateboarding.

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