Complete Skateboards are offered as a quick way to start your journey riding a skateboard. They are pre-built with the right size trucks and wheels for each discipline of skateboarding. Love Skate Shop builds and offers our own completes with either our PS Stix made shop decks or other decks assembled with top tier components, like Ace Trucks, Bones Wheels, Mini-logo Bearings, Venture Trucks and Ghetto Child Wheels. We don’t like cheap completes, as you only save a couple of bucks and it hinders the skater from opening up their full potential. We also have a selection of complete longboards from companies like: Carver Skateboards, Skate Season’s Skateboards and Santa Cruz Skateboards among others. Try to figure out what type of skating you’ll be doing so we can help you figure out the correct complete, keeping in mind the size of the board, softness of the wheels and the terrain you’ll mostly be riding.

Love Skate Shop is a core skate shop that is skater owned and operated in Chico, CA. It was started by Dave Bonillas.  Dave Bonillas owned and operated Planet X skateboards back in the 90's and has been skating since he was 11.  Give us a call if you have any questions or just want to talk about Skateboarding.

LoveSkate Shop


1380 East Ave, Suite 100, Chico, CA 95926