From your 1st to the current rider, buying a deck is a special event. You’ll never forget your 1st board and hopefully you’ll love your current setup by enjoying the feel of bombing that hill or backsmithing a handrail down the street. We only offer top quality decks made from 7 ply’s of Canadian Maple from brands that love skateboarding and actively help, promote and give back to the skateboard community. Brands that we’ve seen help skateboarding grow include Krooked Skateboards, Powell Peralta Skateboards, Almost Skateboards, Deathwish Skateboards, Baker Skateboards, Girl Skateboards and Welcome Skateboards amongst many others. We are thankful that this list is too long to list.  Love Skate Shop is owned and operated by skaters.  Our owners have been skating for over 40 years each, they know skateboarding.  Give us a call we love talking skateboards, please call us if you have any questions 530-809-0689